Intermittent Fasting: All Your Questions Answered

My Intermittent Fasting (IF) monthly challenge has been a very interesting one. I have been reaching out to everyone I know who has done intermittent fasting to figure out the most efficient and healthy way to go about it. I turned to Lauren Irick and Carson Siler from Team HEXX to help me through this journey and explain to me more on how it has benefited them.

I interviewed Lauren and Carson because they have both done almost every diet under the sun. They have experienced what works best with different body types, lifestyles and genders. Both are experienced in helping others make lifestyle changes from having a better relationship with food mentally to weight loss. Together, they manage hundreds of clients each month helping them achieve their fitness and nutrition goals.

Cason Siler says, “Intermittent fasting (IF) is most easily described as an eating schedule designed to reduce one’s “normal” eating window to a smaller window of time, typically 6-8 hours. Like so many things in the health and fitness industry, intermittent fasting yields several positive benefits and results when used in conjunction with a nutrition plan. IF can allow for much better internal processes by creating more time for your body to digest and process food, increase your metabolic function, and encourage weight loss results.”

Check out the rest of her blog for more questions answered and watch our video of my interview with both of these strong women.