Meaningfull Foods Now Closed

Until We Meet Again.

To all of our amazing customers who have supported us for almost 4 years. 

It is with sincere regret that we inform you Meaningfull Foods last delivery was Sunday, June 9th. Due to recent changes in the economy and growing production costs in an industry with notoriously small margins, it has simply become too tall of a mountain to climb. We are beyond heartbroken to share this news. 

What we can’t put a price on is having had a chance to serve our community and help countless people reach their health goals. We set out on this mission to give people a way to eat healthier, feel better, have more time and still enjoy delicious food. We have served over 250,000 meals throughout the years. We’ve donated over 10,000 pounds of food to local food shelters. We’ve learned some hard lessons and grown more than we could have imagined. And along the way we have been fortunate enough to meet some amazing people that we will know for a lifetime. 

To all our customers: thank you for your criticism, your praise, and gratitude each week. Thank you for spreading the word. Without massive marketing budgets, word of mouth means everything to companies like ours. Please always remember if you have a small business you love, tell all your friends and family. We hope you keep supporting local and we have many meal delivery service recommendations. Please don’t hesitate to ask where next. 

To our team: we could not have done this without you. Loren and I are so proud to say we are closing this chapter with the best team we have ever had. We are proud of what we built together. More like a family and community that changed the way we all thought about food. Thank you to Chef Mike, Sam, Alex, Rico, Denis, Mark and our many delivery drivers for working so hard to make this all work every week. PS - if you know of any open opportunities for our staff, please don’t hesitate to connect with us. We want to see them succeed on their next adventures as well. 

Loren and I will be taking a much deserved summer break (that we have not had in years) to recharge and get our creative energies back. We will be working on Loren’s passion for photography, branding and social media management. And most importantly, spending time with our families and hopefully starting one of our own. We want to continue to help our Portland community and stay connected to you all. If you are in need of some amazing product photography, videography, or start up consulting, you know where to find us. And don’t worry - we have been working on our next few products for a while now, so we won’t be recouping for long. We are entrepreneurs at heart and believe in creating products for a better society. We hope you will still follow along. 

Thank you all for coming along with us on this journey. This company has made us who we are today. Even though we have heavy hearts, we are so proud of how far we came as a company and a team. You are a amazing Portland community dedicated to health and wellness. This is not goodbye. This is “we will see you on our next adventure.” 

As always have a Meaningful day. 

-- Megan and Loren and the entire Meaningfull team