The 8 Things That Happen When You Skip a Meal

1. You could "Bonk" during your workout

"Bonking" happens when you are part way through a workout you have a depletion of glycogen stores in the liver and muscles.  The body required glycogen before your exercise begins to keep the production of energy up for your next rep or mile. The result of "Bonking" can be sleepiness, indigestion, loss of strength, headache, and dizzyness

 2. You might lose some weight but there's a catch

We've all heard the adage of calories in calories out. While that's true the body is very effective at surviving so if you starve it you will loose weight but when finally given calories it will still think it's in starvation mode and start to store unwanted fat to stay alive.  

 3. You're more likely to overeat

Great segue, why thank you! The best method for getting calories into the body is to add then slowly and consistently.  That's why body builders eat 6+ times a day. While not everyone can do that we can take cues from them on how the body likes to digest food. Like most things when we are denied something we want it more and don't stop until we get it. By eating smaller portions more often the body can digest more thoroughly and efficiently.  

4. #FightHanger

Getting hangry never helped any relationship whether it's a spouse, parent, or friend. We're all guilty of getting a little short with people when we haven't eaten recently and unfortunately it's usually too late to take back the tongue lashing we just dished out. Fight Hanger by not skipping a meal and possibly saving a relationship.  

5. You are 31% more likely to eat junk food

Why's fast food called junk food? Because it is, it's inexpensive, available and what the stomach wants the stomach gets. We are all guilty of just grabbing a quick burger from a drive through and later regretting it. Don't regret, plan ahead.  

6. I'm getting sleepy

Ever want to take a nap in the afternoon? You think you're going to be more productive by saving the time to eat but instead, you end up falling asleep on your keyboard. While it does leave a sexy key print on your cheek you've just lost all that time you saved by skipping the meal in the first place so set an alarm, bring food to work, try to at least keep healthy snacks in your desk or car.  

7. It lower's your overall nutrition level

Without things like vitamin B your mood can be affected. Without potassium, you could be more prone to cramping muscles. The list goes on and on and that's why it's important to have a well-balanced and proportioned meal that you eat before you get that angry stomach feeling and that weird grumble comes out of you. That sound you hear is air moving in your bowels. They don't stop working even when you don't eat. 

8. Last but not least it's can put you on a path to unhealthy eating practices

Skipping a meal can lead to skipping another and another and another. Pretty soon you're living off of Starbucks coffee and Krispy cream for the last year and none of your pants fit for some reason. As a rule of thumb, you should try to eat something that was either alive or grown that wasn't frozen.  Protein, veggies and a healthy carb make the best combo. 

Vegan White Bean & Quinoa Burger