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Corporate Meal Program

You already know Meaningfull Foods for our weekly pre-prepared meal delivery service but did you know that we also deliver meals to offices! Thats right, no more greasy food cart just  heat & eat.

We only work with the best employers who care about the health and wellness of their employees and want to provide them with healthy & delicious lunch options. 

Your employees' health is your company's health

                                                           How we can help

  • Improve the health of your team. A Healthy team means less sick days, less doctors visits and lower health care costs.
  • Keep Top Talent. The best and brightest want to work at the best places so show them what you do for them. 
  • Boost the energy in the office. Energy needs to be replenished and the only way to do that is through a well balanced meal to finish the day strong!
  • Simplify your lunch logistics. Finding a place that everyone agrees on or caters to all dietary restrictions is so difficult!

Let's talk about how we can help you free up some time by taking care of lunch for you and your office. We offer a wide range of solutions for your lunch needs. It all starts with a conversation so let's get it started!

Call (503) 831-9194 or Click 

Who we are a good fit for

Meaningfull corporate lunches may be a good fit if

  • You believe the foundation to a good work environment is your employees health.
  • Want to be known as a top work place.
  • Have 15 or more employees, no company sponsored cafeteria, employees have predictable schedule.

How It Works

  • Your team contacts us to discuss what options would best suit your companies needs.
  • We set up an account for your office, the employees choose their lunches from our weekly changing menu and select the day they would like to receive each meal.
  • We deliver daily to your office just before lunch time
  • Employers can opt to pay for a portion of the meal the entire meal or your team can receive a discount for purchasing with a group.
  • Always free delivery

100% Gluten, Dairy, Refined Sugar-Free

Don't leave your lunch up to just anyone, let Meaningfull Foods take care of you like a friend. We put a lot of care and effort into every single meal we make. 

Meaningfull Foods makes life easier, and more meaningful. 


The peace of mind that Meaningful Foods has been able to provide through healthy affordable meals has been a huge burden off our team’s shoulders."

Austin Swift - KPMG