Getting Started?

  • Click on "Order Meals" in the main navigation above
  • Choose your meal plan.
    • Not sure if you are ready for a subscription? Select the One Time plan.
    • Subscriptions can be paused or canceled at any time without penalty
  • Click "New Order"
  • Follow the prompts to start an account
    • Each time you login, the system will send you a verification code. 
  • Select your meals. You can order from any of the menus (Whole30, Omnivore, Vegan) regardless of your initial Plan selection. 
  • Once your order is confirmed, that's it! Sit back, relax, and we'll get to cooking.
  • Each week, the system will send you a reminder text message to make your selections from that week's menu.

Still more questions? Take a look at this video to see the system in action.

    Can I choose which meals I want?

    YES!!!! The menus are designed with as much variety and balance as possible. When you create your account, you will be able to make your meal selections for each delivery day.

    Will you customize my order for certain allergies?

    The meal label will clearly indicate the presence of any common allergens. Here are the eight most frequent allergen questions we receive. 

    1. Dairy? Never!

    2. Wheat? NO. GAH!

    3. Eggs? Yes.

    4. Fish (e.g., bass, flounder, cod, fish sauce)? Rarely.
    5. Crustacean shellfish (e.g. crab, lobster, shrimp)? Rarely.
    6. Tree nuts (e.g., almonds, walnuts, pecans)? Yes.
    7. Peanuts? Yes.
    8. Soy? We occasionally use wheat free soy sauce as a flavor enhancer, and soy (tempeh and tofu) is a frequent protein source in the Vegan meals.

    NOTE: For all other allergens, please read our menus carefully when ordering to see if there is an ingredient you need to avoid!  Since we make hundreds of meals each week, we are limited in how much “menu customization” we can offer, so please email helpme@fitkitchendirect.com with any specific concerns. 

    What kinds of foods can I expect to get?

    We deliver flavorful meals that include 4-5 oz. of protein, healthy vegetables, and a small portion of healthy carbs! We put a lot of thought and effort into making every meal flavorful and balanced. Everything that goes into your dish is made in-house: the sauces, dressings, rubs, and marinades. We don’t buy off the shelf because, well, you know what’s in that stuff. Some examples of meals you might receive include:

    • Chicken teriyaki with ginger infused brown rice
    • Pulled pork tacos with house made cashew sour cream
    • Paleo lasagna
    • Turkey stuffed Delicata squash
    • Vegan options

    Sound good? Check out what's on the menu this week here.

    Do you ship food?

    We do not ship any of our food. Instead, we deliver in-person to your house. This allows us to guarantee your meal's freshness and grow as a local company right here in Portland Oregon. This also allows us to avoid the waste of disposable shipping containers, styrofoam, and single-use ice packs. By using reusable cooler bags and ice packs, we can significantly reduce our environmental impact.

    Is all of your food organic?

    We try to source as much organic and all natural product that we possibly can. It can be difficult and very expensive for farmers (and us) to source 100% of our ingredients organically. Where possible, we use local farms like Sauvie Island to give you some of the best local produce out there. By building relationships with our farmers and distributors (and keeping their farming practices in mind), we can source the best product for you, while still keeping our meals affordable.

    Where do you deliver?

    We deliver to:
    • Portland
    • Lake Oswego
    • West Linn
    • Tigard
    • Tualatin
    • Wilsonville
    • Beaverton
    • Hillsboro
    • Vancouver
    • Clackamas
    • Sunnyside
    • Happy Valley
    • Milwaukee
    • Sherwood
    • Oregon City

    If you do not see your city please email us at helpme@fitkitchendirect.com and we will see if we have enough clients near you. If not we also offer to pick up locations for you to pick up your food at your convenience.

    Can I pick-up my meals?

    Absolutely! Maybe Sunday delivery doesn't work with your schedule. Or perhaps, you'd like to save the delivery charge. Whatever the reason, many of our customers choose to pick up their meals. Please see our current list of locations below:

      • Meaningfull Foods main kitchen
        • Sundays - 3:00 -7:00 PM
        • Monday- 4:00-7:00 PM
        • 2616 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, 97232 
      • Hyatt Training
        • Mondays, after 6:00 AM (reg. hours during the week)
        • 2001 NW 19th, Portland, 97209 
      • Max Muscle Jantzen Beach
        • Sundays 4:30 - 5:00 PM (Regular hours during the week) 
        • 909 N Tomahawk Island Dr #102, Portland, 97217
      • CycleBar Tanasbourne
        • Meals available Sunday after 4:00 or regular business hours during the week
        • 2110 NW Allie Ave Unit 608, Hillsboro, OR 97124 

          Where do you cook my food?

          We cook all of our delicious meals in our commercial kitchen in NE Portland. Everyone working with our food is certified in proper food handling and safety. Our staff loves to cook without gluten, dairy and sugar. Megan also trains all of our staff all of the tricks she’s learned from the last 10 years of cooking this way.

          How much does delivery cost?

          It's $6.50-$11.50. That pays our delivery drivers for their hard work and organization to get you your food fast and fresh. If you want to skip the delivery fee, simply choose "in-store pick up" when checking out and select your nearest pickup location.

          What is my food delivered in?

          We deliver your meals in a box, with an insulated liner and reusable gel-packs. We know that many customers have concerns about packaging waste. But not to worry! We'll gladly pick up the packaging from a previous week, on your next order. 

          What kind of meal containers do you use?

          We take the container your food is delivered in as seriously as we take your meals. Our containers are plant-based, biodegradable, and compostable (in a commercial facility).

          These new plant-based containers require significantly less energy, raw materials, and water to produce than plastic. The manufacturing process also produces a lot less CO2 and solid waste. And if they do end up in the trash? Their lifespan is measured in months, rather than thousands of years. 

          How do I reheat it?

          If you're out and about all day you can always take it with you in a cooler with an ice pack and eat it cold.  However, if you're on the go, a microwave will work great. The containers are microwave and oven safe, up to 350°. Remember to remove the lid - they will melt! Cover the dish and try not to overheat your food. That will dry out the meat and take away the nutrients in the vegetables. 

          Will I lose weight?

          This is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle choice. Eating clean, nutrient-dense foods is a choice that gives you back more time and energy to enjoy life with your family and friends.

          That said, many of our customers lose some weight with our meals, especially if you add exercise to your daily routine. There are no magic pills or perfect "one size fits all" diets. To lose weight you have to make smart decisions, implement real changes, and stick to them. 

          Where do you get the nutritional info for each meal?

          We have software that we use to calculate each and every ingredient we put in our meals. This helps us better calculate the macros. However, we run similar to a restaurant and each meal and macro may vary slightly per container.

          If you are on a specific macro diet, our service may not work for you. Macronutrient needs can be very different depending on your training regimen. Our focus is on helping people eat better in general and make a healthy lifestyle change.

          Why does it cost so much money?

          Does it? The average American eats out between four and five times a week, for an average monthly cost of $236. All that for meals you most likely wouldn't call "nutritious."

          And don’t forget about time! It's money, after all. If you go out to eat, that’s at least an hour, versus walking to the fridge and grabbing a ready to heat and eat a meal. Over the course of a year, this can save you an average of 100 hours! You could learn Spanish, take up ballroom dancing, get 5 more cats! The time savings alone is worth the expense!

          You save time by not going out to eat AND you didn’t have to spend hours on Sunday prepping your own food. Eating with Meaningfull Foods isn’t as expensive as you thought, now is it?

          I’m ready to order - where do I go?

          Click here to go the order page and select your meal plan. We can't wait to deliver to you very soon! 

          I'm out of town this weekend! How do I skip a delivery?

          No problem! Here are the steps put your subscription on "pause:"
          1. Only want to skip one week? There are two ways to skip your order. 1 - when you receive your weekly order reminder text message, simply respond with the work "skip." The system will automatically skip that order. 2 - follow the link in your order reminder text, choose your delivery day, and then click "skip order" at the top of the page.
          2. Want to stop for longer? After you log in, click on "Plan Settings" and then choose the date you would like your plan to resume under the Pause Until section.  NOTE: choose a date in the week prior to restarting your plan. If you choose the Sunday of delivery, then that will be after the cut-off for that week.